About Us

O’Brien High Tech Industries (OHTI), Est. 1976, 8(a) Graduate, SBE, WOSB, MBE, provides a wide range of highly specialized professional business services to clients throughout the United States, many of whom are Fortune 500  Companies and Government agencies.  OHTI provides local, regional, and national professional services in Digital Media and Language Services.

OHTI has its headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA and has been in business since August 17, 1976.

O’Brien High Tech Industries is a family owned   and operated business that was established in 1976 in the Silicon Valley. The   company was established to manufacture and sell computers for the trucking   industry known as temperature monitoring systems based on  Patent No. 4024495 obtained by   the company’s founder Frank J. O’Brien (1942 – 1998).

In 1983 the company sold the trucking computer   division, relocated to Southern California and for the next 13 years   remanufactured fuel injection computers and other electronic automotive   parts.

In 1995 O’Brien High Tech expanded its computer   division to include internet technologies specializing in web development and   internet technologies.

Today, O’Brien High Tech is a full service   digital media company providing web design services, digital media production of   training and marketing videos for organizations and Government agencies and language services.

In 2013 OHTI expanded its services to include languages services  on local, regional, and national levels after considerable research and evaluation of language services requirements for State and Government agencies and determined that there is considerable demand for skilled linguists in a variety of applications inclusive of Title III Monitoring.

Recent studies by Forrester Research Inc. reveal that language services are growing in demand  in the Government as well as private sectors especially due to changing immigration policies.

OHTI obtained two language services contracts through Homeland Security/ICE in 2014 and as a result, many of our translators/interpreters have active secret and top-secret security clearances that enable OHTI to provide services within secured facilities where special access is required. OHTI is continuing to expand its language services division in both the private and Government sectors.